China’s “four great modern innovations”

High Speed Train

HSR is the longest high-speed rail network in the world. HSR runs at speed ranging from 250 to 350 km/h, and offers low cost and quick transportation and no delays. The modern and sleek design of HSR offers comfort for its passengers. Some people even prefer taking the train rather than airplanes for domestic trips.

Image Source Suzhou Train Station, China


China has the largest and fast-growing e-commerce market in the world with approximately 731 million online users. E-commerce accounts for 15.5 percent of total retail sales in the country. E-commerce sales in China accounted 5.16 trillion yuan ($752 billion) in 2016, representing a 26.2% growth from 2015 according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics.  


Alipay is China’s leading mobile and online payment service. Back in 2004 Hangzhou-based e-commerce giant Alibaba Group established the payment system. Now users can pay their bills, pay the tolls on the roads, book doctor’s appointment, catch the bus and the subway and rent the public bikes, which are number 4 innovation in our list.  

Shared Bikes

More than 30 bike- sharing companies in China operate 10 million bikes for public use. The bicycles are station less this allows the users to pick up and park them anywhere.  

Image Source Mobikes, China

Source: China Xinhua News