Education in China: Career and Business Opportunities

China is currently the world’s second biggest economy. With industry-leading companies in many fields doing business in China, work experience there will undoubtedly contribute with great value to your resume and provide you with knowledge of one of the world’s most important and high advanced superpowers. However, don’t forget, there are still areas in China without roads, electricity, water, phone conection or internet.

Chinese scholarships for international students

The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, better known as the One Belt and One Road Initiative (OBOR),  is a development strategy proposed by China’s government that focuses on connectivity and cooperation between China and the rest of the world. In order to promote the joint understanding, cooperation and exchanges in the educational filed, the Chinese government has set up a series of scholarship programs to support international students, teachers and scholars to study and conduct research in Chinese universities. If you are adventurous, curious, and willing to try new things then education is China is for you. You will find amazing carrier opportunities. Everything in China- is a little different from the Western world, and that exposure is incredible for both personal and professional development. Having educational background in China will prepare you to find, fight and domesticate your personal dragon. New businesses, both Chinese and international, spring up constantly, so the varieties of available career opportunities in China are great.

Find the Chinese best city for you

It is often said that the three are most important cities in China: Xi’an which represents the past, Beijing– the present, and Shanghai– the future. Xi’an is the original capital of China (dating back over 4000 years ago). It’s a great place to learn about history, and offers many jobs in the educational sphere.  Jobs in Xi’an are also available  in art, engineering, or business administration. Beijing,  is  the world’s most thriving capital metropolis full  of history, culture, and economics. The most common occupation for foreigners is in hospitality, international business, and international law. Shanghai offers carrier development in marketing, finance and investment, graphic design, supply chain management, IT and so much more. Its history as a trading center coupled with its recent rise as one of the world’s top investment centers, makes Shanghai a true cultural and intellectual and life time experience. They are many less famous locations in China with GDP as big as many developed countries. Such cities offer opportunities and potential grow as less competitive but fast- growing environment. For example Hangzhou and Kunming. Hangzhou is consistently voted one of the most beautiful cities in China—with its world famous West Lake—and is one of the few cities in China that maintains historical architecture and old world culture. Hangzhou is home of Alibaba and offers many opportunities in IT. Kunming offers English teaching placements, many international schools for young Chinese kids have found place in Kumming. The city is also is a competitive site for journalism and sports management enthusiasts, so careers in both of these fields are available.

Why study in China will lead to career opportunities?

Regardless of your area of interest or emphasis, China will provide carrier  opportunities for those interested in the fields of business and economics across the country. Every company is hoping to expand to the West, or work with multinational corporations on diversifying portfolios, so they know that they need Western people on their part of the Great Wall. Chinese people have a strong work ethic, and corporate culture is very important. Many companies operate on a very vertical hierarchy, with great respect between employers and employees. Reputations and pride are important in China too, so maintaining a high-level of respect in workplace relationships is important. Such communication and experience will enrich you and build your character and stamina. Speaking Chinese will be a definite advantage when working in China; however it is not a must. Most international companies operate in English, making it very easy to work in China without being fluent in Chinese. That being said, English fluency rates vary greatly in China, and depend heavily on generations and the location. Larger cities, like Shanghai and Beijing, have a fair amount of English on signs, menus, and public transportation, but even so, the ability and willingness of locals to speak English can be unpredictable. Outside of the big cities, it can be tough to find English speakers. Though, Chinese people take great pride in helping foreigners and are usually very friendly and supportive.

Make your first steps to universities in China for international students.

Photo by Robert Nyman