Shanghai Makes Residence Permit Applications Easier for Foreigners

Shanghai has streamlined the procedures for foreigners working in the municipality to get their residence permits within three working days through an online application.

High-level professionals identified by national or Shanghai authorities who manage human resources or foreign experts affairs will only need to go to and submit documents, according to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. They can retrieve their permits at exit-entry offices after three working days. Shanghai’s quest to become a global technological innovation hub by 2030 will also become beneficiaries of the new measure Many enterprises including high-tech and new technology companies, finance and strategic emerging fields, regional headquarters of multinational companies, and research and development centers that include foreign investment, will be also highly boosted from the measure.

Measures were unveiled in Shanghai in 2015 aimed at attracting talented people from overseas. In January 2018, application requirements for permanent residency were further eased for the core foreign members of top scientific research teams and outstanding foreign university graduates who had worked in the city for three straight years. Last week, Shanghai granted a permanent residence card, known as the Chinese green card, to a Nobel Prize laureate for the first time. The recipient was Kurt Wuethrich from Switzerland, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2002 and is a chaired professor at ShanghaiTech University.