The Richest Foreigners in China

The number of wealthy people in China is growing rapidly; the country has over 2 million people with registered assets for over 1 million USD and over 200 000 people with wealth for over 20 million USD.

But it’s not only Chinese natives who are getting in on the action. Tons of foreigners have also come to China to make their fortunes, and many have succeeded. The two richest non-mainlanders in China are Taiwanese magnates who run massive food and drink conglomerates, according to a recent survey from “China Daily News”.

In the top 50 of the wealthiest people in China, nearby Taiwan and Hong Kong are best-represented, with 20 coming from Taiwan and five from Hong Kong. Three Americans also made the list: Qiming Venture Partners’ Gary Rieschel; John Thornton, a former president at Goldman Sachs; and Yue Sai Kan of YUE SAI Cosmetics. 

Photo Credit  chuttersnap