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Comprehensive List of Government Scholarship Programs in China

MarcoPolo.Study is a Dutch-based educational platform which offers a wide selection of degree programs and language courses available in English and Chinese at prominent universities in China:

Degree programs: Bachelor, Master and PhD

Language courses: 6 months or 12 months.

The scholarships are available for those aged 18 to 30.

Full Tuition Fee Coverage, Accommodation, Insurance and Monthly Allowance

With MarcoPolo.Study you can apply for a number of Chinese government scholarships that provide full coverage of tuition fee, accommodation, insurance in addition to monthly allowance (allowance varies). Competitive and cost-efficient education in leading Chinese universities.

Educational Advice and Application Guidance 

MarcoPolo.Study team provides free consultation through the wide variety of educational programs and language courses to tailor the most suitable one for you. We assists you with the application process and visa application.

Meet and Assist Services

Marco Polo.Study provides meet and assist services in number of cities in China. Our customers are welcomed by MarcoPolo.Study representative at the airport upon arrival. The three day-services include transportation to the accommodation; assistance with: opening a bank account, mobile and internet subscription; getting to know the neighbourhood and sightseeing tour.


The prices can vary from EUR 1,000 up to EUR 5,500. The fees depend on the type of educational program, government support and academic achievements. Therefore, we encourage you to get in touch and we are ready to offer you the necessary guidance through your application process. Request more information and actual tuition fees.

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