Location Shanghai, China
Start date 2018-09-01
Apply untill 2018-08-31

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Field of interestsFinance
Official websitehttp://ices.sufe.edu.cn/

SUFE- 2019 Short-term Program

2 weeks
  • Chinese course
This is a two-week intensive Chinese language course that will significantly improve your ability to speak, listen, read and write Chinese.

  • Chinese Culture Course
China is a vast country with some 5000 years of history and a very unique culture. To help you better understand China and her intricate culture, we will provide you with a series of culture activities to add more value to your time studying at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. These culture activities will include learning about the famous Chinese tea ceremony, the Peking Opera, Chinese Calligraphy and the Shanghai Dialect.

  • HSK Mock Test
If you want to know how much your Chinese language ability will improve over the month-long program, then you can take an HSK mock exam at the end of the course. The HSK test (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is a standardized test at the state level that is designed and developed by Hanban. We are one of the national test centers in Shanghai and hold numerous HSK tests very year.

  • China Tour
Our motto at ICES is “study hard, play harder”. To help you relax and unwind from the intensive Chinese language course, we will arrange several weekend tours of Shanghai and the nearby cities to let you enjoy some of China’s great heritage sites and appreciate the country’s natural beauty.